Bloomfield Clean Parks Against Litter Campaign

Keeping Our Parks and Open Spaces Beautiful for All

Anti-Littering PostersThe Town of Bloomfield has been cultivating and protecting its open spaces for more than 100 years. Without a doubt, we love our parks. We love to picnic, play ball, take hikes, and hang out together with nature. During Covid-19, we looked to our parks for refuge. More people at more parks meant more litter. And the trend continues today, not only in Bloomfield or Connecticut, but across the country.

So, how can you stop people from littering in the place they say they love? Advertising professionals Roseanne Azarian, co-chair of the Filley Park Committee, and colleague Erv Dea-Jue had an idea.

Working with Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services, the creative team designed a series of signs for the parks, playgrounds, and fields that focuses on the impact litter has on our landscapes and wildlife. The photography creates a visceral experience, while the question, "You wouldn't litter in your own home, why litter in ours?", demands an answer.

The signs were printed by Printmark in Bloomfield. The Department of Public Works provided support from the start as well as placement and installation. Since the initiative this summer, the Town has seen a reduction in litter by more than 25%.

Contact Roseanne Azarian via her website.