Voting Information

Register to Vote

To register to vote in Bloomfield for local, state or federal elections (including primaries and referenda) submit a completed Voter Registration Form to the Registrar of Voters Office:

Registrar of Voters
Town of Bloomfield
800 Bloomfield Avenue (Town Hall)
Bloomfield, CT 06002-0337

Voter Registration Forms may be obtained in person from the Registrar of Voters Office during its normal business hours, the Town Clerk's Office, the Town Hall main lobby, or from the CT Secretary of State website. The qualifications for voter registration are listed below. Residents may register as affiliated with a political party or as an unaffiliated voter. To finalize your registration, submit the completed form by mail or in person to the Registrar of Voters Office.

Once the Registrar receives the application, and if all is in order, a confirmation of registration listing your polling place will be mailed to you.

The Registrar of Voters also hold voting registration sessions at specified dates and times prior to Election Day.

Qualifications for voter registration in Connecticut are as follows:

  • You must be a United States Citizen
  • You must be a resident of the Town in which you register
  • You must be at least 17 years old, (must be 18 years old by Election Day)
  • If you have been convicted of a disfranchising felony, you must have completed confinement and parole, if applicable

Voting in Primaries

Primaries in Connecticut are segregated by political party. Although enrollment in a political party is optional when you register to vote, only enrolled members of a party are eligible to vote in a primary for that party. Unaffiliated voters can enroll in a party at any time by completing a new Voter Registration Form (designating the party in which they wish to enroll) and submitting the Form to the Registrar of Voters. Unaffiliated voters have the option of registering in a major party until noon (in person at the Registrar of Voters office) on the day before the primary, at which point they will immediately attain party rights and are eligible to participate in the party primary.

Changing parties may also be accomplished by submitting a new and complete Voter Registration Form to the Registrar of Voters; although, changing parties may result in the loss of rights in all parties for 3 months. Ask Registrars for details.

Polling Place Information

For the purposes of voting, the Town of Bloomfield is divided into five districts. Each voting district has an assigned polling place (PDF) where voters who live in that district go to vote. The table below lists the polling place for each voting district. For more information contact the Registrar of Voters Office at 860-769-3540. To find your polling place, visit the Secretary of State's Voter Registration Lookup webpage.

District 1
Leisure Services Gym
330 Park Avenue

District 2
Bloomfield High School
5 Huckleberry Lane

District 3
Carmen Arace Middle School
390 Park Avenue (East Gym)

District 4
Metacomet School
185 School Street

District 5
Laurel School
1 Filley Street