Local Road Safety Committee


Name Title Town Department
Dan Carter Director Public Works
Stephen Hajdasz Captain Police Department
Paul Hammick (Chair)
Police Chief Police Department
Jonathan Thiesse Town Engineer Engineering
Justin LaFountain Director Building & Land Use
Sarah Cote (support)
Deputy Town Engineer


Meetings are scheduled based on local traffic complaints and status updates.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Current Agendas and Minutes

For agendas and minutes prior to June 2023, please visit the Agenda Center.

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The Local Road Safety Committee (LRSC) is a Town staff committee made up of representatives of the Police Department, Public Works, Planning, and Engineering. There are also various advisory personnel to the LRSC. The members of the LRSC are full-time employees of the Town with other important duties; and who attend other night meetings regularly. To manage their workloads, it cannot be expected that the LRSC will conduct more than one neighborhood traffic calming meeting per month. Not all roads or situations warrant or are appropriate for traffic calming measures. The LRSC will objectively evaluate each request. There are also costs associated with implementing traffic calming measures. Funding will be limited. The Town Council will set up a priority list of prospective traffic calming locations based on the scoring system set up in the Traffic Calming Manual and implemented by the LRSC.

Traffic Calming Manual

Traffic Calming Manual (PDF) Opens in new windowEffective January 1, 2021, the Town Council has adopted a Traffic Calming Manual (PDF) to guide the process. Traffic Calming Manual

The manual includes:

  • An introduction to traffic calming and the manual (2 pages)
  • A process summary page and a calming measure effectiveness table (2 pages)
  • The traffic calming program (6 pages)
  • A toolbox of typical traffic calming measures (17 pages)

The manual is relatively brief. Rather than repeat a good portion of the manual here, you are implored to download the manual (PDF) and review it for a better understanding of traffic calming and the process for the Town's traffic calming program.

Download the Traffic Calming Manual (PDF).

Request Form

A Traffic Calming Request Form (PDF) has been created for residents to use to make a formal request for traffic calming measures to be installed in a particular location. Directions are on the form.

Download the Traffic Calming Request Form (PDF).