General Information

 What is a Capital Improvement Project?   


A Capital improvement project is a major improvement of a non-recurring nature to the physical plant (i.e. infrastructure or facilities) of the Town that is listed in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), as differentiated from ordinary repairs or maintenance of a recurring nature. For the purposes of the CIP, a major improvement is a single project or piece of equipment exceeding $25,000.00 in cost with a life expectancy of seven (7) years or more. The acquisition of land, construction of improvements thereon, reconstruction or major alteration of current Town properties, and request for preliminary studies are capital projects. Examples would be new or remodeled schools and other public buildings, new or improved bridges, streets, storm drains and culverts, park land acquisitions, etc. Equipment purchases are not normally considered to be capital improvements unless it is equipment for a new facility or have a cost of more than $25,000.00 with a life expectancy of over seven (7) years.