Infrastructure Projects

Bloomfield to Tariffville Multi-use Trail Connector --- Status: In construction

This is a project to construct 0.87 miles of paved multi-use trail connecting the village of Tariffville in Simsbury to Section 1 of the Bloomfield Greenway trail in northwest Bloomfield.  The project commences within Eversource property at the northwest end of the completed Section 1 trail, about 2000 feet north of Old St. Andrews Church on Tariffville Road in Bloomfield.  The project trail runs northerly, within the Eversource property, for about 600 feet down a hill to then turn northwesterly within the right of way of State Route 189.  The new trail will then run adjacent to Route 189 on the south and west side of the roadway, for about 4000 feet, to end at the intersection of Route 189 and Main Street in Tariffville.

This is a joint project between the Towns of Simsbury and Bloomfield.  A majority of the construction costs are being funded by a State of Connecticut Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) grant.  The two towns were responsible for the design costs; and for the construction costs not covered by the LOTCIP grant.

In addition to the 10-foot wide paved trail, the project also includes narrowing the travel lanes and shoulders on Route 189 to both provide additional separation between the roadway and the trail, and to also slow down vehicular traffic on Route 189, drainage improvements and modifications, and landscape buffer between the roadway and the trail, realigning the intersection of Mountain Road and Route 315 (Elm Street) in Tariffville, the reconfiguration on travel lanes and the signal at the intersection of Routes 189 and 315 in Tariffville, and sidewalk improvements along Route 189 in Tariffville to improve connectivity to the new trail.

The project was designed by the consulting firm of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (Wethersfield, CT).  The contractor for the project is Schultz Corporation out of Terryville, CT; who submitted the low bid of $2,349,500.35.  Project construction is on schedule for a mid-October 2023 completion date. 

Please note:  The project trail remains an active construction site until project completion in mid-October.  The trail will not be open to the public until then.  Anyone using the trail prior to it being opened to the public will be trespassing.  Please do not enter the construction zone on the trail prior to October.