BPD Core Values

Public Service

We believe that we exist to protect and serve our community, and are firmly committed to improving the welfare of the residents and business owners of Bloomfield, Connecticut. We will work in partnership with the people in our community and do our best, within the law, to solve community problems that affect public safety. Protecting the lives and property of all people is the highest calling of public service, and is a fundamental principle of policing. We value the great diversity of people in both our residential and business communities and serve all with equal dedication.

Community Partnerships

We shall involve the community in all policing activities that directly affect the quality of life in Bloomfield. We recognize how important it is to create strong and effective relationships with residents, business owners, organizations, and other stakeholders in the community to identify problems and work on creative solutions. We will look for opportunities to proactively engage the community and make positive contacts whenever able. We will earn a reputation in our community for being approachable, and proactive in identifying creative ways to solve community problems.


We are committed to establishing a reputation for the highest level of professionalism and customer service to our community. Every member of the police department is a leader in the community. By empowering individual officers to make decisions in partnership with supportive and collaborative supervisors, we will attempt to make each officer a leader in his/her investigations and problem-solving projects. Training and brainstorming sessions will be employed to give officers every opportunity to share and engage their leadership abilities.


All members of the Bloomfield Police Department recognize that our personal conduct, both on and off-duty, is inseparable from the professional reputation of the Department. It is our responsibility to adhere to the highest standard of moral character. We embrace the law enforcement code of ethics, and will always act with integrity, honesty, courage, and professionalism. We will perform our duties in a manner that is respectful of the rights of all citizens, and our integrity will be the foundation for building trust and confidence with the public.

Quality Through Continuous Improvement

We will work to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of our work. Providing the highest level of service will require that all of us dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement. We value innovation and creativity and dedicate ourselves to actively seeking new ways to improve our service to the community.

Promoting a Professional Image

We will promote a professional image by ensuring that our conduct is professional at all times, whether we are interacting with the public or with each other. We will maintain a professional appearance by wearing uniforms or business attire that are clean, pressed, and fit appropriately. We will ensure that our vehicles and Police Department equipment are clean and well-maintained at all times.