What Does the Town Provide?

Part of our mission is placing a spotlight on the people and companies who are investing back into the neighborhoods of Bloomfield and, in turn, the greater economy.

  • Serve as a resource to support and assist local businesses to grow and thrive in the community;
  • Collaborate with developers/RE brokers to assist with identifying suitable retail/office or industrial space;
  • Work with local workforce development agency to connect businesses with workforce opportunities;
  • Provide assistance with permitting and licensing departments and to serve as coordinating point of contact for all government departments;
  • Collaborate with State and Federal agencies;
  • Partner with the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce on local Town events and marketing opportunities;
  • Collaborate with our local colleges; University of Hartford and UCONN; Partner with Local Banks;

For Businesses

Here is a list of invaluable resources that will help your business grow and thrive: