Plan of Conservation & Development

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The Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) is Connecticut’s version of a comprehensive plan, addressing all facets of life in Town, including land use, housing, open space, economic development, infrastructure, social services, transportation, culture, and much more. The process affords communities an opportunity to assess where they stand, how things have changed, and where they want to go over the next ten-plus years. Community members come together to workshop a vision for the next decade and develop implementable strategies to help achieve that vision. The Plan serves as a policy guide that establishes the foundation of a municipality’s zoning ordinance and can direct a municipality’s policies, budgets, capital investments, and grant pursuits for the following decade.

The Town of Bloomfield is embarking on this process and your voice and participation will be vital in creating a dynamic, community-focused Plan. Often used as a reference document for demographic information, resources, and an inventory of Town assets, the POCD can be a tool that engages community members and residents long after the planning process is complete. Through inclusive, informative, and accessible engagement opportunities, the POCD fosters community buy-in and ownership of recommendations. 

The Bloomfield POCD will engage broad diversity of stakeholders in an iterative, multi-pronged approach, ensuring that everyone, including those from underrepresented communities, is heard in the process. Stay tuned for more information about how you can participate and provide your local expertise!

By State law, every municipality in Connecticut is required to update their Plan of Conservation and Development at least every ten years. Please click this link to view or download the current POCD Plan from 2012.

The website has been created where all relevant information will be posted.