Roaming Dogs

Dogs that are found roaming in Bloomfield will be picked up by either the Bloomfield ACO or the Patrol Division and brought to the Bloomfield kennel for impoundment. The dogs are fed, watered, and provided safe shelter while efforts are made to locate the owner. Animals are scanned for a microchip, and license / identification tags are researched to return any owned dog home as quickly as possible.

Dogs that are found roaming in Bloomfield, as in any other town in CT, are required to be reported to the Bloomfield Police Department/Bloomfield Animal Control. Roaming dogs are the property of their owner or keeper, and as such are not to be taken anywhere other than a municipal shelter, where the proper protocols for locating the owner are followed. Individuals who pick up a roaming dog and keep the dog in their custody, bring it to their home, or in any way obstruct the Animal Control Officer are in violation of CGS 22-365, which is a Class C Misdemeanor.