Storm Drainage Ordinance & Regulations

The Storm Drainage Ordinance (PDF) (Chapter 7 - Code of Ordinance) was updated and associated Stormwater Management Regulations (PDF) were adopted effective June 2018 to enable the Town to regulate discharges and connections to the Town storm drainage system and to comply with regulations set forth in the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) Permit. The Ordinance and Regulations:

  • Prohibit illegal discharges to the storm drainage system
  • Prohibit the obstruction of waterways or storm drainage which prevents, or tends to prevent, the free discharge of flood waters
  • Authorize Town staff to investigate and cause the removal/elimination of illegal discharges or obstructions
  • Requires a permit for connection to and/or discharge to the Town's storm drainage system
  • Requires proper maintenance of any stormwater treatment measure intended to mitigate the threat of illegal discharge
  • Provides for effective enforcement of the above

Connections in existence prior to the adoption of the revised ordinance:

  • Will be treated as part of a temporary permit, which shall be in effect for 2 years (until June 18, 2020).
  • Will be considered probationary after June 18, 2020 if a permit has not been issued (Probationary permit means the property owner may be ordered to demonstrate compliance or be required to make the connection compliant).