Rockwell Park Concept Plans

Rockwell Park Master Plan (Concept Phase)

Working with the Rockwell Park Planning Committee, the Town entered into a consultant agreement with Weston and Sampson (W&S) after going through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and interviews. Collectively, the Rockwell Park Planning Committee working with Weston and Sampson at our kick-off meeting, we discussed the project timeline, site visit, base mapping, needs assessment, to identify the key stakeholder groups and how to engage the community in the process, operations cost and maintenance plan, and to begin reviewing the existing conditions and services of not just Rockwell Park, but the entire active park system.

Allowing a few weeks for W&S to gather necessary background information and to fully review the park, we hosted our initial meeting with the full planning committee on April 18, 2022. W&S provided a findings presentation to the committee while obtaining the initial thoughts of what each committee member would like to see in the park plan. We also began discussing the community outreach process and survey to receive as much park feedback and future desires from our residents in what they would like to see incorporated into the park plan. After the meeting, W&S began to bring the survey to life developing a series of questions pertinent to the park. Prior to releasing the survey, the survey was reviewed and discussed with the full Town Council during the April 25, 2022 meeting. Once approved, the survey was released for community feedback with 191 responses obtained.

Based on the feedback received, as well as committee feedback, W&S began developing the concept site plan, which included three options, see enclosed. Various meetings were arranged with identified stakeholders to review the pros and cons of the three plans, which included Dan Carter, Director of Public Works, Lieutenant Matthew Suplee, Bloomfield Police Department, Jennifer Valentino-Rodriguez, Director of Building and Land Use, and Stanley D. Hawthorne, Town Manager. Discussion and feedback was also obtained from Peter Castaldi, Wetlands Agent, and Jonathan Thiesse, Town Engineer. Prior to moving forward with condensing the three options into one final Master Plan, we continue to seek out and gather community feedback.

The final steps, once the initial three concept plans have been vetted; the Planning Committee along with W&S will finalize the Master Plan including the site plan, operating cost model, maintenance plan and sustainable park operations.

The final Master Plan is scheduled to be developed in early fall of 2022.