Animal Adoptions

Animals that are impounded are held in the custody of Bloomfield Animal Control and advertised as lost/missing for a seven-day period, as required by the State of Connecticut. In the event that no owner comes forward, the animal is then assessed for suitability for permanent adoptive placement. Once assessed as suitable, the animal is then advertised on the Bloomfield Facebook page, and adoption applications may be submitted.

The adoption process begins with submitting an application, and if the application is approved, meeting the pet that you are interested in adopting. The meetings typically take place at a location in Bloomfield, and bringing your dog to meet the potential new dog is required. Dogs/cats impounded in Bloomfield may or may not have received Rabies vaccines or veterinary treatment for injuries/illnesses sustained before being impounded. All medical records will be provided to the adopter. Submission of an application does not assure approval or adoption. The best home for the individual and the separate needs of the animals is always the most important factor.

All pets being adopted from Bloomfield Animal Control, if intact, will participate in the State of Connecticut Animal Population Control Program, which provides the adopter with a low-cost sterilization, as well as vaccines. The program only applies to Connecticut residents.