Voting Process

The conducting of a successful election in Bloomfield is the result of a cooperative effort between the Registrar of Voters and the Town Clerk's Office.

The Registrars' responsibilities include administering the voter registration process and records, arranging for polling places (where you vote), staffing the polling places with trained election officials, overseeing the inspection and pre-testing of all voting equipment, and supervising the election itself.

The Town Clerk administers the candidate filing, ballot preparation, and campaign finance information. The Town Clerk also administers the absentee voting process, including the distribution, receiving, and processing of Absentee Ballot Applications and the distribution, receiving, review, and tallying of the Absentee Ballots themselves. On Election Day (and shortly thereafter), the Town Clerk is responsible for tallying, distributing, and certifying the voting results.

In order for you to vote, you must first register with the Registrar of Voters sufficiently ahead of an election. As the election approaches, sample ballots will be available in the Town Clerk's and Registrar of Voters' Offices in the Town Hall. Also in these locations will be information on the hours that the polling places will be open for voting. On the day of the vote, go to your polling place, determined by the residency address you included on your voting registration, during the hours it will be open for voting to cast your vote. There will be election officials at the polling place to answer questions and help direct you to the proper destinations as you move through the process. You may vote using an absentee ballot only if you are unable to appear in person to vote at the polling place on the day of an Election, Primary, or Referendum due to one or more of the reasons listed on the Absentee Voting webpage.