Illicit Discharge Into the Public Storm Drainage System

Surface waters (streams, ponds, lakes, etc.) are important resources that support numerous uses, including water supply, recreation, fishing, shellfishing, sustaining aquatic life and carrying storm runoff to our rivers and Long Island Sound. The Town of Bloomfield collects and discharges stormwater to surface waters using a public storm drainage system consisting of inlet structures (such as catch basins in the street) and pipes. Any pollutants, such as oil, soap, wastewater of any kind, litter, chemicals, eroded soils, etc. that are dumped or allowed to enter the storm drainage system eventually will end up polluting these surface waters and our environment.

For this reason, it is illegal (with few exceptions listed below) to discharge (knowingly allow to enter) any substance or flow other than clean storm runoff water into the Town's storm drainage system; (or directly to any surface water, for that matter). Directing or allowing a substance other than clean stormwater runoff to enter the storm drainage system is called an "illicit discharge".

The following non-stormwater discharges are exempt from discharge prohibitions provided they do not contain pollutants:

  • Landscape irrigation
  • Uncontaminated ground water discharges such as pumped ground water, foundation drains, water from crawl space pumps and footing drains
  • Residual street wash water
  • Discharges or flows from fire fighting activities (except training)
  • Naturally occurring discharges such as rising ground waters, uncontaminated groundwater infiltration, springs, diverted stream flows and flows from riparian habitats and wetlands

Please email the Bloomfield Engineering Department or call us at 860-769-3524 if you suspect any illicit or questionable discharges. If notifying by email, please include the location of the discharge and other pertinent information.