Clean Renewable Energy

20% by 2010 Pledge

In a January, 2007 resolution, Bloomfield made an early commitment to ensuring that 20% of its electricity would come from clean, renewable sources by 2010. The Town and Board of Education achieved that commitment and have maintained it since.

Climate Change

In April, 2013 the Bloomfield Town Council passed a Resolution urging the Environmental Protection Agency to swiftly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to address imminent climate change. The council has been at the forefront of adopting programs for Clean Energy Communities in Connecticut, following its adoption of the 20% by 2010 pledge.

Municipal Solar

CEEC has met several times with the Green Bank and town staff to explore the installation of solar panels on municipal buildings. A desktop review was completed by the Green Bank on seven town buildings and five were deemed suitable for rooftop solar. Discussions continue with the town and will include the municipal golf course.

Solarize Campaign

In 2014, Bloomfield participated in a town-wide Solarize campaign, promoting solar residential energy through community presentations and the offer of special group discounts. Under a grant received as part of the Clean Energy Communities program, Bloomfield High School students canvassed high priority streets to distribute information.

Community Solar

On 5 acres behind Bloomfield's Board of Education Central Offices sits the State's first Community Solar installation. A Community Solar facility is one shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electric bills for their share of the solar power produced. It enables those without suitable rooftops or their own homes to participate in the environmental and economic advantages of solar power. Bloomfield's 1.62-megawatt array is owned by Ameresco and marketed by the Clean Energy Collective, which boasts a guaranteed saving of 10% on electricity (a yearly savings of $150 for the average household and nearly $2800 over a 20-year term). Completed in 2019, the array provides 60% of its generation to the Board of Education, 20% to low- income residents, and 20% to general subscribers.

Large Scale Solar Siting

CEEC provided input on the Economic Development Committee's draft interim policy statement and draft interim ordinance for the siting of large-scale utility-sized solar arrays. Suggestions for the town's policy statement were presented to the Planning and Zoning and the Land Use and Economic Development Committees.

Electric School Bus

CEEC has been working with school administrators to replace aging and polluting diesel-powered buses with all-electric school buses. Bloomfield has a school bus fleet of 31 buses and contracts with DATTCO to provide the service. CEEC is working with DATTCO to investigate applying for VW grant funds to offset the cost.

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy)

An innovative financing solution from the Connecticut Green Bank that makes green energy upgrades safe, accessible and affordable. The CEEC co-sponsored a webinar in July, 2020 on all the advantages that C-PACE can provide for businesses and commercial property owners. The webinar, Financing for Clean Energy Projects in Commercial Buildings with the Connecticut Green Bank, is available. With C-PACE, building owners can enjoy the advantages of energy upgrades immediately and pay for them over time through a voluntary benefit assessment lien, levied and recorded against the benefiting property, to be repaid along with real property taxes. It's a safe investment that produces returns immediately and for years to come. Learn more at Connecticut Green Bank Site.