Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Solutions (HES)

CEEC has co-sponsored a library webinar and developed and distributed information on this Energize CT program, which can save both energy and money on energy efficiency measures such as insulation, heat pumps and new windows. It currently has no co-pay and offers new improved rebates and incentives for customers. For income eligible households, upgrades may be free. Call: 877-947-3873 (877-WISEUSE)

Energy Tracking & the EPA Portfolio Manager

In an effort to foster energy conservation and energy efficiency, the CEEC has been tracking electricity and natural gas usage at municipal and Board of Education facilities since 2011.

In 2013, the town committed itself to the Clean Energy Communities Municipal Pledge, in which it adopted the goal of reducing its electricity usage by 20% by Fiscal Year 2017 to 2018. Aided by an Energy Performance Contract with Ameresco and multiple energy efficiency upgrades at school facilities, the town achieved its goal, though it now faces a continuing struggle to continue conservation and efficiency efforts. Conversion of Bloomfield's street lights, the highest draw on the town's electricity, to LED's was promoted by the CEEC and adopted in 2018.

Currently, the committee is engaged in transitioning its energy tracking spreadsheet to the nationally recognized EPA Portfolio Manager software in order to "weather normalize" and "benchmark" town and Board of Education buildings. The software will automate uploads of electricity and gas meter data from Eversource and Connecticut Natural Gas and provide an analysis of trends independent of weather fluctuations. Town buildings can be compared to national averages to highlight high and low performing sites. As a Sustainable CT town, Bloomfield can earn points by utilizing the system.