Town Facilities

21 Southwood Drive - Public Works Facility

21 Southwood Drive is a 35,820-square-foot building built in 1965 and renovated in 2021. The building is utilized as a Public Works Facility. The facility is all one story, with the majority of the building (15,000 square feet [sf]) serving as a storage garage for the Town's vehicle fleet. The rest of the building consists of vehicle maintenance areas, administrative offices, and employee facilities and work areas. Standard operating hours are between 6:30 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and the facility is occupied during other times for storm/emergency events.

Other structures on the site include a 10,000-sf metal storage building, treated salt and salt sheds, gasoline and diesel above ground storage tanks, and outside material storage areas (stone, topsoil, sand, etc.). The fueling stations are available 24/7.

12 Southwood Drive - Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance

12 Southwood Drive is an 8,020-square-foot building built in 1975 that is utilized as the headquarters for the Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance. The facility is all one story and consists of an apparatus bay with a capacity of 4 ambulances/emergency vehicles, a large training room, an emergency operations center, administrative offices, a bunk room, and a staff lounge area. The facility serves as the Emergency Operations Center for the Town during weather events or other emergency situations. The facility operates 24/7/365.

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1015 Blue Hills Avenue - Wintonbury Library

Wintonbury Library is closed at this time for reconstruction. Additional information can be found at 

785 Park Avenue - Bloomfield Police Department

785 Park Avenue is a 20,917-square-foot building built in 1991 that is utilized as the Bloomfield Police Department Headquarters. The facility is one story with a mechanical room penthouse accessible from the roof. Interior spaces consist of general office areas, a 24-hour dispatch center, conference/training rooms, locker rooms, a fitness center and a 2 bay sallyport leading to a cell block and booking area. The general public can access the front lobby of the building and the training room during events, but all other exterior doors are secured with electronic locks.

800 Bloomfield Avenue - Town Hall

800 Bloomfield Avenue is a 25,828-square-foot building built in 1961 that is utilized as the Bloomfield Town Hall. The facility is 2.5 stories and consists of a first floor, second floor, and a 1/2 story above which houses mechanical spaces and storage. The first floor consists of office suites for various Town departments and also has an annex connected to the main building by a lobby, which contains the Human Resources department, conference rooms, a public meeting room, and a former sallyport used as storage space. The second floor consists of more office suites and conference rooms. Town Hall is open to the general public from 9 am to 5 pm. Monday through Friday, but is often open as late as 10 pm during the week for public meetings and committee meetings.

1 Tunxis Avenue - Prosser Library

Prosser Library is closed at this time for reconstruction. Additional information can be found at 

330 Park Avenue - Alvin and Beatrice Wood Human Services Center

330 Park Avenue is a 65,279-square-foot building built in 2019 that is utilized as a mixed-use Human Services Center. Mostly one story except for the South wing which has an atrium open to the second floor, the building is occupied by Leisure Services, Senior Services, and Social and Youth Services primarily between the hours of 6:30 am and 9 pm, Monday through Friday.