Fleet Division

Our general mission of the Fleet Maintenance Department is to safely maintain and support the fleet of vehicles and equipment of the Office of Operations, Police Department, Board of Education, Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance, Senior Service Center, and all Town Hall pool vehicles. Our priority is to ensure that all vehicles and equipment are regularly maintained and repaired at the highest level through cost-effective measures and best practices to ensure they are safe and reliable for operational use to meet the needs of the citizens of Bloomfield. We accomplish this with our computerized fleet management software program. Our team consists of knowledgeable employees who are driven by a culture to deliver efficient services. Our goals include working in partnership with our customers, vendors, and employees that promote diversity to provide high-quality products and services cost-effectively with small and minority business enterprises. 

The Fleet Maintenance Department division also tracks the entire life cycle of maintenance on all vehicles and equipment to support our crucial replacement program for vehicles and equipment. 

The Fleet Maintenance Department prepares specifications for acquisitions of new purchases, repurposed, and disposal of all antiquated, unsafe, obsolete, and unused vehicles and equipment, through auctions, trade ins, and scrap procedures. 

The Fleet Maintenance Department is also taxed with implementing cost saving measures and measures to mitigate the environmental impact of the City's fleet. Our existing reduction measures include alternative fuel vehicle purchases of hybrids and propane equipment. We continue to evaluate technological advancements in the market as alternative powered vehicles and equipment become available, reliable, has supported infrastructure, financial commitment, and a projected extended period to maximize the utilization of innovation trends. 

The Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance and distribution of all gasoline/diesel fuel to the Town of Bloomfield vehicles and equipment. The department totals an average of 90,000 gallons yearly.

The Fleet Maintenance Department currently has 1 Fleet Manager, 1 Crew Chief, and 4 mechanics. We are responsible for the maintenance and repairs on more than 325 vehicles and pieces of equipment.