Board of Education


Name Political Affiliation Term of Office
Lynette Easmon, Chair Democrat 11/8/27
Femi Bogle Assegai Democrat 11/8/27
Dr. Lisa Simone Republican 11/8/27
Howard Frydman Democrat 11/10/25
Thomas Moore Republican 11/10/25
Kimberly Dunbar Democrat 11/10/25
Tiffany Mack-Mohammed Democrat 11/10/25


  • 7:00 PM
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month, except for July and August
  • In-Person
  • Bloomfield Board of Education, Board Room 
  • 1133 Blue Hills Avenue, Bloomfield, CT

Agendas & Minutes

To view agendas and minutes of the Bloomfield Board of Education meetings, please click here.

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Learning and Growing Together is more than a slogan in Bloomfield; it is a fact of life. From early childhood to adult life, the district tries to meet the educational needs of its residents. The Board of Education employs approximately 260 certified staff and administrators, and 210 non-certified staff and food services workers in its schools.

The elected members of the Board of Education are responsible for determining and monitoring local educational policy, and maintaining compliance with State and Federal requirements.

Board Theory of Action

Bloomfield Board of Education believes that its fundamental responsibility is to serve students as its primary constituents and demonstrates that responsibility by:

  • Allocating District resources equitably to meet the individual and collective needs of all students;
  • Stating and formally adopting core beliefs that are shared with the community and incorporated into the daily work of the District;
  • Adopting, monitoring and evaluating reform policies that are aligned with the District’s Theory of Action and Accountability Plan; and
  • Engaging in an annual self-evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the Board’s governance work.

Then the full range of the Board’s governance practices will be strengthened, leadership work of the Superintendent and Central Office Team will be effectively supported and enhanced, and adult work in all areas of the Accountability Plan will show increasing levels of effectiveness and excellence throughout the District.

As a result, targeted educational outcomes for all students will substantially improve and be sustained over time.